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Attic Renovation

The attic can be a great option when looking to add extra living space to your home. The addition of a dormer to an upstairs area can increase the charm of a home and the footprint of usable living space.

Before you start making any detailed plans for an attic renovation, one of the most important things you should check is its structural aspects. Consider the floor of the attic. When your home was first built, the attic floor was not designed to be a floor, but rather as the ceiling for the story below it. Another thing to consider is if there will be enough headroom to meet Wisconsin's state building codes for livable space.

Checking on these issues early in the process decreases the possibility of wasting time planning a renovation that may be unattainable due to the homes structural design or budget limitations.

Frame to Finish can look at the different structural characteristics of your attic first, checking for anything that may hinder the renovation project due to structural limitations. Then we put together a workable renovation plan that will give you the extra living space you desire. Please give us a call at 414-449-3808.

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