Initial Assessment

We start the process by scheduling a time for our general contractor Mark Roeder to come to your house/project. He will walk through the project with you and ask you questions to help get a better idea of what you are looking to have completed. 

He will be able to tell you if your idea is possible and if not what other options you have. He will also be able to give you a ball park of how much the project will cost to complete. If you would like to set up a appointment please go to the Contact Us page under HOME.

Project Designs

Some projects will require design plans before the construction process begins. We have the skills and software to create those designs for you. It will have both a 2D and 3D function for your needs.

Those designs usually cost $250, but those designs are now your property. You have the option to take them to another contractor and they can use those designs for your project. Or if you decide to go with Frame to Finish that cost will be applied to your project. 

The Breakdown

The next step would be the breakdown of the project. Mark will create a quote for your project that will breakdown the cost of your project by line item. Together we will go over the quote and then sign a contract for the project. 

We will stay connected with you throughout the process with a application called Trello.

We look forward to meeting you!